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Reborn-One Hundred (RE/100) (リボーンワンハンドレッド Ribōn Wan Handoreddo) is a line of Gunpla established in 2014, designed to feature certain mobile suits in 1/100 scale but separate from the Master Grade line.

These kits are not as complex as the MG line, and while they share the same level of detail on outward appearance, most of the RE/100 kits do not have a full inner frame. Those that do, feature only a very simplified one.

With the RE/100, Bandai is trying to work a compromise wherein mobile suits that were either too big (the Nightingale), too expensive (such as the Gerbera), or too obscure (the Gundam Mk-III), to be released in MG form will still at least be released in 1/100 scale but remain cost-effective. With this, the RE/100 line is somewhere in between the MG line and the regular 1/100 No-Grade line kits.

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